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The Great Hattrick by Alvin Martin

A hattrick is not a new term in our football dictionary, as it simply means 3 goals scored by a single player regardless how how he scored them.

But there’s a special hattrick that took place years ago which hasn’t been replicated since.

A rare hattrick that has been recorded in history as one of the best!

A match back in 1986 between Newcastle and West Ham ended 8-1 for West Ham. Alvin Martin, a defender, managed to score 3 goals against 3 different goalkeepers to become the only player that has scored such a hattrick.

He scored the first goal against Newcastle’s goalkeeper Martin Thomas. Thomas was replaced later on with the substitute goalkeeper, Chris Hedworth, due to injury. Close to the end of the match, Hedworth was also replaced by Beardsley. The latest immediately conceded a goal by no other than Martin to complete his great hattrick

Nowadays, to see a defender score a 3 goals in a single match is by itself a rare thing, but against 3 different goalkeepers was something definitely worth talking about.

To watch the full match highlights, see below video:

Now the question to you is which hattrick is you most favorite of all time? Share your thoughts with me in the comment box.

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