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Real Madrid players sent me a cake?!

On the morning of the 9th of October 2017, I woke up to check my email and OMG! Real Madrid players are wishing me a happy birthday?! Wait, it gets better. It was a video where Ramos, Marcelo Ronaldo, and Benzema were baking a cake which said HAPPY BIRHTDAY NABAA!

How would you feel when you get such a message from your favorite team? NUTS! How would your day be? BEST! That’s how I felt all day long as Real Madrid players have surely made my entire year.

Real Madrid is one of the organizations that has really gotten into all social media platforms to engage fans, and to basically reach out to all fans worldwide.

They are not the only ones for sure.

They know we are not focusing on the match at 100%!

Most football organizations have realized the need not only to be present in social media, but also to have a whole ‘social strategy’ as the power of social media has increased drastically over the past years. Back then, fans used to follow and cheer for their team only, but now, fans have access. They can follow other clubs, players, rivals, and they simply have that keyboard to write and voice out their thoughts.

When we want to know the transfer news, we are looking into social media, the starting line up? Social media. Who scored? Social media. It’s all there and we are talking about football throughout the year. Fans abroad have found that connection with the club at all times unlike before. Back in the day it was mostly a one-way route through watching games on TV. Football clubs realize 78% of people are consuming their phones while watching a football match so being ‘there’ actually matters. Creating shareable content is now essential for the fans to connect with and to ‘talk’ about the club.

Not only Real Madrid players but all football players are being watched by us

However, all this comes at a cost of course. We do remember incidents like ‘The Suarez bite’ and how it went viral over social media. Also, the whole ‘Messi’ Saga that just took place was spread like that on the internet with too many rumors around him moving to a club like Manchester City, or even PSG. Fans expressed their fear / anger all throughout social media to the point that Messi as a search term went up to no.1 beating ‘COVID 19’ which has been on top for the past 6-7 months. Yes, this is the power of social media!

In a nutshell, even players are now wary of what they can post, like, or even follow because the moment they do, everybody will start all sorts of rumors. One time a video Neymar posted on Tiktok which was just a dance, but in the background, Real Madrid’s match was on TV and everyone started talking about how Neymar is now supporting Real Madrid. Its CRAZY!

But to us fans, we feed on such content and clubs love it, that’s why they want to ensure we still talk about them and that’s what happened when Real Madrid simply sent me a cake in a personalized emailer. But regardless, I was super duper excited about it and I still am till date!

Have you ever received something special from your favorite club like what Real Madrid players did? Even if a view? a like? Tell me here

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