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How football tactics evolved? 1-9

When football was made as an official sport, there wasn’t any specific football tactic nor a line up for the team. Rather, football tactics were random and the way football was played was much simpler than it is today.

We go back to the first football tactics which was simply 1-9. There was one defender (libero: the player that covers up the defensive area in front of the goal keeper) and 9 players on the attack as one group, as well as, one group to defend when the ball is lost. There was no role for the players as the defenders weren’t specified, so were the midfielders and the forwards. That’s why the style of play was random and the coach role was very limited back then.

This football tactic was used back in the 19th century. As we know now, it is impossible to use this tactic as the rival team can easily get past the defense with a long ball behind the 9 players.

In addition to what was mentioned before, this tactic depends on the players’ individual skills with their dribbling skills to score a goal. Also, they need to run a lot and cover up a big space throughout the match. Hence, this tactic requires a lot of physical effort from the players in the match. Because of the required physical effort, this impacts the players’ fitness during the football season as well as the way they play during the match.

The main reason why players run a lot during the match is because of the offside rule back then. The offside rule was different at the time until 1925. The players would need to be in front of the ball. Thus, they needed to run with the ball at all times during the match.

In the next blog post, we will talk about other football tactics after the development of the 1-9 tactic and more information your way.

Would you use this tactics today, or is this completely nuts? Do you think there’s any benefit of using this tactic? Share your opinion in the comment box below and if you like this post, you can also share it on your social media handles.



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