First player to score an own goal?

Footballers as much as they dazzle us with their technique and tackles, they also commit deadly mistakes. So, when a player scores a goal, he gets mentally out of the game. Also, his focus levels go down to the lowest. He may even be the reason behind conceding other goals against his team. Today I wanted to share with you the story of the first own goal in the world of football.

Who is the first player to score against his team?

We go back in time to 1888 with the first game and the first league in soccer. The Birmingham team faced Wolverhampton Wanderers FC. Thirty minutes after the match began, Grischom Cox made a fatal mistake when he tried to clear a cross from opponent Nicholas Anderson. But his attempt to intervene was caused by a powerful shot that goalkeeper Jimmy Warner with whom the ball hit the net could not.

wolverhampton 1888

A save from humiliation

After Gershom Cox scored against his team, his teammate Albert Elaine managed to save face after he managed to score the goal to adjust the score.

Recognized by FIFA

The Gershom Cox goal was approved by FIFA as the first goal scored by a player in his own net. However, some reports claim that Gershom Cox was not the first to score an own goal. Reports date back to the 1875-1876 season, when a match was played in front of about 3,000 fans at Oxford University and under torrential rain. Oxford played against Wolves Wanderers in the FA Cup Final. Oxford club got a corner kick and it reached the defender Evelin Waddington’s head. The Wanderers’ Goalkeeper Kinniard Dove managed to save the header and fell on the grass within centimeters of the goal line.

When he tried to get up, he slid on the wet grass due to the heavy rain and fell again. Unfortunately for him, he and the ball slipped inside the goal line. Then, the coach declared a goal for Oxford. Luckily for him, however, William Lindsay managed to equalize the score four minutes before the end of the match. At extra-time, the striker Jarvis Kenrick scored the second goal, and the match ended with a victory for Wolves Wanderers which saved goalkeeper Kinnaird from the humiliation of his own goal.

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