The biggest defeat in the history of football?

After a shocking week in football, specifically in the Premier League last week, Manchester United lost 6-1 to Tottenham Hotspur. Also, Liverpool lost 7-2 to Aston Villa. In addition to Manchester City losing 5-2 to Leicester City. WHAAAAAT?!

I wanted to go back in history a little and remember together the biggest defeats in football that have occurred. Basically, in light of these shocking results that we have seen recently from the top clubs.

A historic Remontada in football!

We all remember the dazzling victory for Barcelona against Paris Saint-Germain in the second leg of the Champions League. After Barcelona had lost the first leg 4-0 and no one expected a Remontada was possible, Barcelona was able to come back with a historic 6-1 in 2017. This became the biggest comeback in the history of the Champions League.

Total destruction

In one of the stunning Champions League nights, Liverpool managed to comeback against Barcelona after losing 3-0 in the first leg. The English club was able to turn things around against Barcelona and achieve a mouth-dropping four-nil victory in 2019 in the Champions League semi-finals.

The Chicken shock?!

In the biggest defeat for Tottenham in European history, they suffered an embarrassing defeat against Bayern Munich in 2019. This was the biggest defeat for Tottenham at home with seven goals, despite the fact that they opened the score early through Son. After Son’s goal, Bayern Munich was able to level through a Kimmich goal. And then Lewandowski managed to score two goals, followed by Gnabry who scored 4 goals alone in this match. The match ended 7-2 after Kane received a penalty kick in the 61st minute.

The second Chicken shock!

The next historic defeat also goes to Tottenham (Sorry, Tottenham fans), but this time it was against Newcastle. In the season in which Leicester City won the title, Tottenham and Arsenal were fighting for a second place in the league. However, Newcastle beat Tottenham 5-1 with 10 men. Thus, Tottenham ended up in the third place that season.

Middlesbrough massacre!

In one of the biggest massacres in football history, Manchester City suffered an 8-1 defeat by Middlesbrough back in 2008. After Richard Donne was sent off 15 minutes after the kick off, it seemed as if the team had lost all football characteristics and were hit by eight goals. This includes a hat-trick from Afonso Elvis.

El Clasico that will not be forgotten in football

Real Madrid’s 2-6 defeat to Barcelona should be remembered as one of the biggest in history. In May 2009, El Clásico took place within La Liga competition. Ramos and Higuain both scored Real Madrid’s goals, while Thierry Henry and Lionel Messi scored twice. In addition Puyol and Pique both added their names to the score sheet.

The Dutch bird

We definitely won’t forget the match that rocked the start of the World Cup as Spain suffered a 1-5 loss to the Netherlands. After the golden years for the Spanish national team achieving European nations cup back in 2008, as well as the World Cup in 2010, followed by European nations in 2012, there came the shock. In 2014, the Dutch national team met the Spanish national team, and Alonso scored the first goal. But then the Matador were taken by storm by the Dutch national team after Van Persie scored the famous goal that made the Dutch people praise him because of the way he jumped and headed that ball. It resulted in a wonderful goal against Casillas. Then the team scored 4 more goals in the second half.

Blue Nightmare

In the 2013/14 season, Arsenal suffered the most humiliating defeat led by coach Arsene Wenger to Chelsea’s Mourinho. Seven minutes into the match, Arsenal were two goals behind Chelsea. The gunner’s defense was distracted and unfocused, and worse, Gibbs was sent off after touching the hand that was actually on Chamberlain. The match ended with Chelsea’s 6-0 victory over Arsenal.

Historical humiliation

In the match that witnessed 10 Premier League goals, we witnessed in the 2011/12 season one of the most humiliating defeats for Arsenal Wenger (Again). Manchester United won 8-2 at the time, and the good thing for Wenger is that the match was just before the end of the transfer window. Walcott and Van Persie scored the only goals from Arsenal’s side. Meanwhile from the Red Devils’ side, Rooney scored a hat trick). Ashley Young scored twice. Also, the score sheet had Ji Song Park and Welbeck in it.

At home?!

When we remember the big defeats, we must remember Brazil’s huge defeat against Germany in the 2014 World Cup. Although they hosted the World Cup in that edition, but when they reached the semi-finals, they faced the German national team. As Brazil is the host of the competition, naturally, everyone had put the Brazilian team as the favorite to win the title. Certainly, no one expected the match would turn out to be this way.The Brazilian team lost 7-1 to Germany. Let’s not forget that both Thiago Silva and Neymar did not participate in the match. In addition, Brazil’s whole performance wasn’t up to the mark right from the beginning.

Maradona’s lodd

In the World Cup qualifiers for South America, and in 2009 in particular, we were shocked by the match between Argentina, led by Maradona, against Bolivia, who scored 6 goals to one! We recall that the Argentine national team was in the presence of Messi, Tevez, Mascherano, Zanetti and other stars.

There are many unforgettable historical results, including: Real Madrid 11-1 Barcelona, ​​Germany 4-0 Argentina, Bayern Munich 8-2 ​​Barcelona, ​​Manchester City 6-1 Manchester United. But when we dig dep into the biggest defeat in football history? It was between AS Adema and l’Emyrne, which ended with a 149-0 victory for As Adem. This was back in October 31, 2002. According to what was mentioned, this result is not considered real because l’Emyrne objected the refereeing decisions and they chose to lose this match.

What is the result that has shocked you the most as a football fan? Share your comments below.

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