Adama Traore didn’t lift weights to get to THIS body shape!

Yes, the truth is shocking but Adama Traore hasn’t lifted weights at all to go from the skinny kid into his current muscular body shape!

The secret isn’t about the type of food he is consuming nor weightlifting, so what is it really?

You may never believe me but I haven’t lifted any weight – Adama Traore.

According to ‘La Sexta’ – Spanish media, Traore said “You may never believe me but I haven’t lifted any weights. Its just a genetic thing. All I do is that I train regularly but I gain muscle mass easily”.

This is why Adama Traore has become the player that wonders every rival he faces with his body strength. As we know any human who gains this amount of muscle mass normally becomes ‘heavy’ and not capable of having any pace on field. But that is not the case with the Spaniard who is 24 years old and who has transformed his body as you can see in the image below. Back when he was a FC Barcelona player, in La Masia, he had a completely different body shape compared to what he is now.

Adama Traore

Even Pep Guardiola complimented him after Manchester City were defeated by Wolves, and he said “He’s a motorcycle, No one can keep up with that pace!”.

A Jersey made for Traore

A funny story went viral on how Adama could not fit in Wolverhamton’s jersey due to his body shape. According to the media, he had to wear a custom size made especially for him which didn’t have the sponsor’s logo. However, this isn’t true.

Traore has surely proved to be the player that has it all: The pace, the body and that goal-scoring sense.

Do you think he will stay at Wolverhampton or will he go to one of the top European clubs? Who knows, maybe he would go back to Barcelona where was seen as ‘unfit’ for the team back then. Share your opinions with me in the comment box below.

In addition to this, I have made a video where I spoke about Traore’s numbers, position, and how he has managed to become that player that cannot be stopped on field on my youtube channel*

*The video is in Arabic

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